Company Introduction

We are pleased to introduce to you ZTM Limited, the leading name of engineering inventory supplier with the largest stockist of industrial and
automotive bearings in east and central Africa.

For years we have been helping customers, big and small, with their bearing and roller chain needs.

All of our products are manufactured in factories that adhere to ISO – International Organisation of Standardization. This means that our customers will be getting the highest quality product every time they order.

With our shop located in the heart of the city we provide the trade, OEM & after market industries with an unrivalled service. We have continuously adapted by expanding product ranges & introducing new services in order to remain one of Tanzania’s leading suppliers of Engineering Essentials.

We take pride in supplying high quality products at affordable price.

Mohammed Zowange

About ZTM Limited

Jason Hoorvees

Creative Drector

Kreddy Hruger

Office Manager

Michael Syerm

Execution Coder

Nhat Tran

UI, UX Designer

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